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Are you excited to find out more?  Start by scheduling a 30 minute demo.  During this demo we will go over all the reports that AuditMiner produces.  When ready to move forward, there is no training of staff or hours of on-boarding.  It’s just a simple 5 minute process that makes sense to use for even just one plan! Click the link below to book a demo.

Why AuditMiner

AuditMiner allows you to pull the exact same reports for your plan, no matter which service provider they use, to build your preliminary analytics, obtain populations and samples for testing, and review account allocations.

With AuditMiner, all you need to do is log in and download your plan’s activity. This produces reports that are easy to understand and visually consistent across all service provider platforms.

There is no training or onboarding required to use AuditMiner.


AuditMiner Benefits


Saves 10-20 hours on each EBP Audit Engagement.


Standardizes EBP Audit workpapers and testing procedures throughout the CPA firm’s practice and streamlines the audit process.


Takes a few clicks and the resulting workpapers are intuitive.

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