What is AuditMate.ai

AuditMate.ai is the only audit software that helps firms streamline the employee benefit plan (EBP) audit process.  With AuditMate.ai, predictable and routine time is eliminated, allowing you to focus on true auditing procedures.  Are you interested in removing the tedious and mundane task of combing through all those TPA reports and websites in order to audit?

The Beginning

AuditMate.ai took root from our CEO, Kelly Mann’s, struggles to find software for her retirement plan audits. In many areas of the country, the employee benefit plan (EBP) audit industry is in a race to the bottom on fees. Kelly wanted software that would enable her practice to be efficient and price competitive without sacrificing quality.  

Get Involved

We want to ensure your practice delivers the highest quality audit through the use of technology. If you are interested in more information complete the below request form. You will be the first to find out when the software is available, and you can help build the next generation of EBP auditing.