AuditMiner is designed to help CPA firms automate and streamline their employee benefit plan audit process.


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How it works

Standardize your audits

Without standardized workflows, simple tasks can be complicated and time-consuming.

AuditMiner allows your firm to download standardized TPA reports and working papers in Excel format for use during audit fieldwork. Currently, firms are required to navigate and manipulate data from multiple different reporting packages for audit purposes. AuditMiner standardizes the TPA reporting process required in a retirement plan audit.

Standardize your audits
Increase your efficiency

Increase your efficiency

Being efficient allows a firm to add value to its clients while retaining the best employees.

AuditMiner allows you to employ software to reduce your costs for mundane data-entry and manipulation. Plan reporting from TPAs are all structured differently, you almost have to know how to read 20 different languages in order to decipher the reports.  With AuditMiner, all you need to do is log in and download your plan’s activity. AuditMiner produces working papers and reports that are easy to understand, and visually consistent across all TPA platforms.

Top Features

Easy to Use

Setup takes a few clicks and processing reports is intuitive for users


Replace 10-20 billable hours per engagement for a fraction of the cost


Mine thousands of participant records in just minutes


Priced per audit

Your firm will be billed for each plan processed on the AuditMiner platform. The invoice will identify each plan for easy cost assignment within your firm. AuditMiner currently eliminates 10-20 hours on each engagement, depending on the size of plan.  We know what you are wondering, and YES, the more plans processed the lower the per plan cost.

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AuditMiner Customers

Some of the industry’s most innovative firms saving time with AuditMiner

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About Us

About AuditMiner

As a CPA, Kelly Mann understood first hand that in many areas of the country, the employee benefit plan (EBP) audit industry is in a race to the bottom on fees.  Kelly wanted software that would enable her practice to be efficient and price competitive without sacrificing quality.  AuditMiner took root from our CEO, Kelly Mann’s, struggles to find such software.  With a great team backing a great CEO, AuditMiner was created to audit with technology, not time.

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