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Our mission is to help CPA firms improve the quality and efficiency of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit process. AuditMiner extracts 401k data and produces a foundational set of audit workpapers for the CPA.

AuditMiner customers range from sole proprietor to top 100 firms. We have customers in over 40 states. Some of the industry’s most innovative firms choose AuditMiner to streamline their Audits.

AuditMiner currently eliminates 20-30 hours on each engagement, depending on the size of plan. 

Your firm will be billed for each plan processed on the platform. The invoice will identify each plan for an easy cost assignment within your firm. The more plans processed, the lower the per plan cost. To learn more, please reach out to Chris Dahl with any questions.

Jason Bogner, Co-Founder and Chief Tech Officer, says it best:

“The security of client information is of utmost importance to AuditMiner”. AuditMiner uses some of the best security on the internet including two-factor authentication and the full Microsoft package to ensure all data is protected and secure.”

The AuditMiner program is based on the idea that no matter where the plan assets are held, the plan’s audit package and reports all look the same. Processing takes a few clicks and the resulting workpapers are intuitive for auditors. You can learn more by going to our Workpapers page.

You can purchase 500+ SOC Review Toolkits from our SOC Toolkit Store. Learn more about our SOC toolkits by watching this video.

Our SOC Toolkit takes a SOC report and inputs all relevant controls into an easy-to-use Excel® workbook that includes corresponding complementary user entity controls and walkthrough procedures. Say goodbye to hours spent manually copying, pasting, and re-typing data into your audit programs. 

If you don’t see the toolkit you need, we can create a toolkit in 2-3 weeks. Send us the report at and we will get back to you shortly.

At AuditMiner, we work directly with your firm to ensure the onboarding process is efficient and effective. Our Customer Success Team lead, Victor Amaya, will set up a meeting with you and your team to properly onboard you.

AuditMiner produces workpapers and reports that are easy to understand and visually consistent across all TPA platforms.

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